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Registration and Get Involved

Provide an Activity at a PSF Program

Family Programs:

Science in the Park – Saturday, April 22 

Tinker Lab – Saturday, April 22

Science After School – Monday, April 24 through Thursday, April 27

Science at the Ballpark – Sunday, April 9

Science Carnival at Penn's Landing – Saturday, April 29 

Adult Programs: 

Science After HoursPSF Prom – Friday, April 21

Fishtown Science Crawl Sunday, April 23

What you’ll need to register an activity:

1.) Your activity title, phrased in the form of a question, and a short description of what your activity entails

2.) The event(s) at which you’d like to provide your activity

3.) Additional set-up requests (all participants will receive a table, 2 chairs, table covering and tabletop sign)

4.) Contact information for your day-of event contact(s) and, if relevant, a PR contact for your organization*

Read the 2017 Activity Overview and Guidelines

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Serve as an Expert


The Philadelphia Science Festival has become known for its innovative programs that attract a diverse and engaged audience. The Steering Committee has worked hard to select a range of exciting topics for exploration at the 2017 Festival, and experts are needed to round out an exciting line-up of programs!


2017 Program Topics

Cocktail Lab - This workshop-style event will explore the history and science of Rum.  Possible topics – How rum is made, medicinal use, pirates, chemistry of sugar, mixers.


Intoxication - This event will investigate mood-altering substances and how they affect both body and brain.  Possible topics – catnip & cats, coffee, alcohol, drugs


Science Friction - This late night event will explore the ways that science fiction from the past has inspired current technology. Possible topics – Star Trek Communicator/the smart  phone, invisibility cloak, teleportation, virtual reality, robotic surgeons, 3D printing


Gross Anatomy: Sex - This Cabaret style program will focus on sexual health and reproduction (for humans and other animals).  Possible topics – ambiguous genitalia, animal sex habits, artificial insemination, STDs, anatomy, pheromones


Fake Out! (Deception) – This event will explore the science of deception. Possible topics   animal/nature mimicry, counterfeit art or money, psychology of pathological lying

Astronomy Panel – Derrick Pitts will moderate a series of flash talks examining the cosmos. From living on Mars to space travel to advancements in viewing the stars, this quick paced event is sure to leave attendees looking up and thinking about the future. Possible topics – astronomy, space science, astronomical technology

Murder at the Mutter TM– The annual murder mystery favorite returns to the Festival line-up. Topics – Forensics 

Additional General Experts


STEM experts are needed to assist with Science in the Park on Saturday, April 22 and Be a Scientist! programs on Sunday, April 23. Though all experts are encouraged to share their experience and knowledge, specific areas of need are nature,  sustainability, engineering and robotics!


 What you’ll need to register as/or suggest an expert:

1.) Your organization name and speaker’s name and contact information

2.) Speakers' area of expertise

3.) The event(s) at which you’d like to provide your expertise

4.) Additional set-up requests 

5.) Any relevant contact information for your organization including planning contact, day-of event contact(s) and, if relevant, a PR contact for your organization*



Read the Speaker Overview and Guidelines

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* All PSF Participating Organizations are asked to confirm that they have read the How to Get Involved 2017 Guide. All partners are also asked to submit an Indemnification Form and provide a Certificate of Insurance. The Indemnification Form only has to be submitted once in the lifetime of your partnership with PSF, so if you turned it in last year, no need to do so again!

- How to Get Involved Guide can be found by clicking here.

- Indemnification Form can be found by clicking here.

- Language for COI can be found by clicking here.