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Be an Innovator!

Be an Innovator!
Sun, Apr 23

10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Located on Innovation Plaza and alongside the Innovator’s Walk of Fame, the Be an Innovator! program will shine a light on the tradition of discovery and innovation in Greater Philadelphia and the groundbreaking contributions made to the scientific and entrepreneurial communities that have revolutionized the local, regional and global landscape. Participants will step into the shoes of innovators like Stephanie Kwalek, the DuPont chemist and creator of Kevlar, and designer extraordinaire Buckminster Fuller. Participants will learn about these individuals’ lives and discover their work through hands-on, interactive stations and challenges that connect the disciplines of art and science.

Multiple activity stations will be set up around Innovation Plaza, each with an activity based on a featured idea or innovator. A design challenge using everyday materials will allow participants to discover basic principles of engineering. Participants will also be able to explore the strength of Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic dome by building their own models while comparing the properties of different materials to understand the science behind design. Another interactive station will provide context and allow participants to learn about the lives of the innovators with a fact-finding scavenger hunt around the Innovation Plaza.
  • Tickets

    No reservation required

    Price: Free

  • Location

    Innovation Plaza at uCity Square

    3700 Market Street, Outside

    Philadelphia, PA, 19104


  • Partners

    University City Science Center
    University City Science Center
    University City Science Center
    Located in the heart of uCity Square, the University City Science Center is a network of innovators who are testing theories, students finding their passions and artists bringing ideas to life. Together with the Philadelphia Science Festival, we’re celebrating experiences and opportunities to engage the community around science, technology, engineering, and math. United by a thirst for discovery, we are all scientists.